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Vegware is happy to provide information, images and copy for media use. Contact us to request a press kit, for our news releases or high resolution images


What is Vegware?


Vegware is the completely compostable food packaging company. All our products are "made from plants".

We don't sell any plastic packaging products!   



  • Vegware manufactures and distributes compostable food packaging and catering disposables.
  • The full range is made exclusively from recycled or annually-renewable materials, and all products are suitable for commercial composting.
  • Vegware is committed to supplying genuinely compostable packaging and disposables, and has an active programme ensuring our products comply with Internationally recognised compostability standards.
  • The Vegware Composting Network UK collects used Vegware products and food waste, which is then organically recycled into compost, or topsoil and biogas, typically within 12 weeks.
  • Vegware invests in R&D and has brought many compostable firsts to market, including the insulated Hot Cup and Lid set, Ice Cream & Soup Containers, and high-heat resistant CPLA Cutlery.
  • We support grassroots environmental projects through the Vegware Community Fund UK.


Vegware was founded in 2006 and operates in Australia (Sydney), Europe (Edinburgh, Scotland), North America (Danielson, Conneticut) and South Africa (Cape Town).   


Vegware Australia Pty Ltd is registered at 17/37A King Road, Hornsby NSW 2077. ABN 68 161 201 314.

Information on Vegware UK can be found at www.vegware.com. Click here for our full list of global partners.


Please browse our about section for further information on our eco statsawardscertification, the Vegware Community Fund and more.





For high resolution images, please contact us. 


Press clippings


Previous press mentions of Vegware UK, can be found here on Vegware UK news page.


Key staff


Vegware Australia is run by a team of dedicated staff. Please feel free to contact Paul Rayner or Christine Rodger.


Contact us


Call us on 02 9987 0800 or drop us an email - details are on the contact us page.

You can also find @vegwareOZ on twitter


We look forward to hearing from you.