17cm CPLA compostable knife - black

Product Code: VW-KN6.5B Carton of 1000

17cm black eco-friendly knife. Sturdy & functional single-use knife, great for hot and cold food on the go. Sleek black with a matte finish. Made from...

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  • Strong & functional - great for hot and cold foods
  • Made from plant-based CPLA
  • Commercially compostable where accepted
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17cm CPLA compostable knife - black

    17cm black eco-friendly knife.

    Sturdy & functional single-use knife, great for hot and cold food on the go.

    Sleek black with a matte finish.

    Made from CPLA, a renewable plant-based bioplastic.

    Not suitable for use in South Australia (SA), Queensland (QLD), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) or Western Australia (WA).

    Commercially compostable where accepted.

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          17cm CPLA compostable knife - black

          17cm CPLA compostable knife - black

          $29.12 + GST

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          Frequently Asked Questions

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          No. All plastic cutlery (including compostable bioplastics such as PLA, regardless of certifications) have been banned in South Australia (SA), Queensland (QLD), Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Western Australia (WA).

          Unable to cut out single-use cutlery entirely? Give our wooden cutlery a go!

          Please note Vegware are not responsible or party to any current or future plastic bans in Australia. Any questions or concerns regarding the plastic bans, and their impact on available choices for your business, should be directed to the NRA (National Retail Association).

          PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a compostable bioplastic made from plants - primarily corn - not fossil fuels.

          Manufacturing bioplastics such as PLA produces significantly less carbon than conventional plastics such as PS or PET, and all Vegware PLA products are commercially compostable where accepted. 

          Clear PLA varieties are suitable for cold use only, however CPLA (Crystallised PLA) is suitable for both hot and cold.

          More info...

          All Vegware products are certified commercially compostable - this means they will break down entirely in under 12 weeks in an industrial composting facility. If organics / industrial compost collections are available this means your Vegware cup, lid, plate, fork & napkin can all be disposed of alongside your leftover chips.

          More info...

          Vegware's disposable catering supplies are all designed with same day / immediate foodservice in mind, not for long-term use. So we can't really say how our products perform in the freezer or microwave, as they haven't been designed or tested for it.

          If you intend to use any Vegware products outside of the intended purpose, we always recommend requesting samples and testing their suitability for yourself. The samples are free - just let us know what you're after.

          Any clear PLA items are not microwave safe.

          Green is Gorgeous

          Vegware's range of disposable catering supplies has been designed with an eco look and feel, namely our iconic Green Leaf Band. Not only does Vegware look great, it lets customers know that your business is dedicated to preserving our environment & saving the planet.

          We do not (and will not) manufacture or supply any conventional plastics - you could call this our brand philosophy! Consumers & waste collectors alike can be confident that if it says Vegware, it's green!

          Try before you buy! Not sure of sizing?

          Visualise your menu with Vegware. We offer free samples - let us know what you need!


          Made from a variety of plant-based materials.


          Commercially compostable with food waste, where accepted.


          Made from renewable or recycled materials.


          Strong & sturdy - Vegware is up to the task!

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