Sugarcane Containers & Lids

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Range numbers are just a handy way to match lids to bases. All bagasse bases & lids are assigned to either the V3, V4 or V5 Range. Matching Range numbers = matching products.

e.g. all V5 Range lids match all V5 Range bases.

To introduce a fool-proof universal lid system in your kitchen, choose all bases from the same range.

Bagasse is the dry fibrous residue left behind once sugarcane has been processed. This fibre can be pressed into shapes in a high-heat, high-pressure process. Vegware uses this pressed sugarcane fiber to make takeaway containers & tableware, making use of a by-product that would otherwise go to waste!

Benefits of Bagasse:

  • Does not trap condensation, so hot food stays crispy for longer!
  • Thinner than polystyrene, so takes up less valuable storage space
  • Made from 100% reclaimed materials
  • Sustainably sourced & renewable
  • Commercially compostable with food waste

PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a compostable bioplastic made from plants - primarily corn - not fossil fuels.

Manufacturing bioplastics such as PLA produces significantly less carbon than conventional plastics such as PS or PET, and all Vegware PLA products are commercially compostable where accepted. 

Clear PLA varieties are suitable for cold use only, however CPLA (Crystallised PLA) is suitable for both hot and cold.

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